FastPass invited to major events


Organizer of various major events invited FastPass to present the results of the project. First, FastPass contributed the research project conference under the head of the EAB (European Association of Biometrics) in Darmstadt – an event that FastPass supported from the very beginning. ... Read more

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Stakeholder Interaction of the FastPass Project


Automated border control systems (ABCs) offer the advantage of an improved quality and an increased speed of the border control process.In order to take advantage of ABCs, a high acceptance among all levels of stakeholders (decision makers, operators and travelers) is needed. Every stakeholder has a different set of requirements and expectations that needs to be taken into account. In order to reach an overall high acceptance, the FastPass project explicitly... Read more

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First ever dedicated cruise ship passenger ABC in Piraeus


The FastPass team achieved a first last month by installing an automated border control system at the Port of Piraeus specifically for cruise ship passengers. The system allowed passengers to give passport data and a face image via a kiosk in the terminal building or on board the Celestyal Olympia Cruise ship . Passengers could then bypass traditional border control at...Read more

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FastPass and BODEGA projects agreed on a cooperation


In the same line as the collaboration with the project MobilePass, on which we reported in our previous newsletter, FastPass signed this summer another cooperation agreement with the project BODEGA. BODEGA is an H2020 project focusing on... Read more

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FastPass present at the Frontex workshop on Border Security research projects


Frontex organized a specific workshop dedicated to an in depth presentation of the EU funded border security related research projects to the border guard experts. The main purpose was not only to inform the border guard community on what the future will bring in the field of specific technologies, but also... Read more

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