FastPass results are available soon!


On March 31st 2017, the FastPass project officially comes to its end. It has been an outstanding journey! 51 months of research, development, test and evaluations; 27 partners, 9 countries and around 130 team members involved; 67 deliverables, 3 demonstrations, more than 200 dissemination actions... All this has enabled the production of a set of interesting results proper to contribute to the evolution of the Border Control field. Read more

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Visit of the Expert at the FastPass land border demosite, 16th December 2016


The third FastPass demonstration, located in Moravita, Romania, was visited by the expert appointed by the EU on 15th December 2016. This installation was located on a land border crossing point, which sets a certain number of challenges. The Consortium decided to develop a solution for land border control where passengers of a car could remain seated, which is a requirement from the Schengen Borders Code. Observing that there are very few examples of automated border control for cars or trucks and that the terminal type ABC is not convenient for such a scenario,...

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Visit of the Expert at the FastPass air border demosite, 16th November 2016


In the same line as the visit of the FastPass sea border demonstration, an external expert has been appointed on 15th November 2016 to observe the demosite installed at the Airport of Vienna by the FastPass Consortium. The partners have developed a scenario which encompasses different border control concepts (mantrap, kiosk) in one architecture and one location. The aim is to enable an easier comparison of those concepts, which has not been done at the European level so far. At the same time,...

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Visit of the Expert at the FastPass sea border demosite, 22nd September 2016


On the 22nd of September, an expert appointed by the European Commission was invited to visit the FastPass installation at the port of Piraeus (Greece). The solution for sea border was developed by the Consortium as a response of the specific needs of cruise ships travels: in such a scenario, 3000 to 4000 passengers are disembarking from a ship, posing evident challenges in terms of speed, security and efficiency of the border control. The passengers of these cruise travels are... Read more

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CROSS-EYED 2016 - First Competition on Iris Periocular Recognition


The first Iris/Periocular Recognition Competition was embraced by BTAS’16 – 8th International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems. The CROSS-EYED competition was launched in February, 2016 and ran until the end of April when the final results were made public. The Cross-Eyed initiative aims at increasing the usability of... Read more

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